Working Out With Love
Finding a suitable workout partner can give new meaning to working out. Not only will you be enjoying the benefits of the cardio activity but you can also share your joys with someone else.

You workout partner should be someone who can keep you motivated and who can do that better than even your special someone. Experts often tell unhappy couples to pay more attention to their partner's activities and involve themselves in each other's interests. Working out together may be one way to cement your relationship, whether it is troubled or not. With an enjoyable workout partner, a visit to the gym may not be so terrible anymore!

There are a lot of cardio activities that the two of you can enjoy together. You may pick from low to high intensity cardio activities. You can also engage in aerobics dances, which women seem to prefer. If you think that is too faint of heart for you then maybe a kickboxing class should give you the cardio pump and a new adventure to spice things up!

Aside from the activities mentioned above, you can also engage in sports that both of you can play like badminton or tennis; a one-on-one basketball game may be too tough, especially for a novice, but if she is up to it then that should work out fine. Weekends can also be together time for the two of you and there are a lot of weekend activities that you can use as a supplement to your cardio workout. Hiking, for example, is a great workout that can be a little bit of a challenge but enjoyable at the same time. A Sunday morning jog on the beach or through a park is also great cardio workout that adds an element of romance.

Make sure that you pay attention to your cardio activities and follow the safety precautions in order to prevent injuries. When engaging in any physical activity it is always necessary to perform warm-ups and stretching exercises, therefore you should be sure to include that in your routine. Make sure that your workout partner is aware of the need to warm up and alert her of the dangers of doing cardio the wrong way.

To guarantee that you are living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, you should combine healthy meals along with your cardio activities. Stock the fridge with green leafy vegetables and lots of fresh fruits together with healthy amounts of fish, pork and beef. A healthy diet does not mean completely stripping certain  foods from your diet. The no protein, no carbohydrate diet may make you lose weight, but it is not fat that you are losing but rather muscle mass. To really be healthy you have to eat healthy, and in order to eat healthy you have to know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.

All these pieces of advice should help you a lot in maintaining an open relationship that is not wrought with negative emotions. Cardio exercise has been known to relieve depression, stress and anxiety, and a healthy and peaceful mind is a great start to a great relationship. But the greatest benefit that a couple can get from working out together is not the ripped body or the slim figure; it is the bond and the memory of sharing in the hard work and reaping its fruits together.