The Throat Chakra in Reiki
During the steps in the healing method, Reiki practitioners will focus on the throat chakra. When opened, the throat chakra allows for better communication on many different levels. There are several techniques that can be used in relation to the opening of the throat chakra. The throat chakra can be found between the inner collarbone and the larynx. It is thought of as the center for communication and inspiration. Some people call the throat chakra the communication center. If the throat chakra is blocked, it may result in problems with how one communicates with others and energy will not flow freely to other chakras.

The throat chakra is also the chakra that is used in resonance. This resonance is for both being and hearing. It is associated with the sixteen petal lotus, and how the aura is shaped. When clear, the aura color of the throat chakra should be a pale blue. A silver and turquoise color aura can also be associated with the throat chakra.

If a Reiki instructor is working on your throat chakra, they will begin by placing their hands on your collarbone and throat. For woman, this energy is cleared by rotating left. In males, the Reiki practitioner will rotate right. It is believed that this will not only affect the throat, but also the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Other Reiki practitioners may also use Reiki toning when clearing the throat chakra. The attunement, or mantra, used when clearing the throat chakra is the ham sound. This sound allows the vibration to change the energy flow in the communication center.

Other Reiki healers may choose to use gemstones in relation to clearing the communication chakra. Turquoise, chalcedony and aquamarine are the best gemstones that to use. These gemstones can be gently placed either directly on the persons' throat chakra, or in different areas where a person rests. This will clear the blockage over a longer period of time. Itis also common to use aromatherapy when clearing this chakra. Sage and eucalyptus are thought to be the best choices when clearing the communication center. These aromas will remove the blocks by moving into the energy center of the throat.

After clearing the throat center, it is said that four to five hours of sleep on either the right or left side will be helpful. It is also common to have visions of water and sky after clearing this center. Clearing the throat chakra helps one to be able to communicate better. Using Reiki methods to clear the blocked energy in the throat chakra will open this portal to the rest of the body.